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Sonia Ashford


Sonia Ashford has over 30 years experience as an educator. An outstanding teacher and leader, Sonia taught in primary schools throughout country Queensland, and in private education in Victoria. Sonia is committed to supporting children from Prep to Year 7 to reach their learning potential and become lifelong learners. Her excellent understanding of best practice teaching and learning equips her to tutor children to achieve success. She is adept at creating individual learning plans to grow a student's knowledge and skills in the key academic areas of English and Mathematics. 

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Professional Development

  • Bachelor Education (Literacy)

  • Diploma Teaching (Early Childhood)

  • Master of Education (Special Needs)

  • Currently studying Bachelor of Psychological Sciences

  • THRASS Master

  • Educational Coach

  • Women in Education Leader


A dedicated cat lover!

Meet Frankie. He is a Seal Colourpoint Ragdoll.

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