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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between individual and small group tutoring?
    Some children learn best when working with others. Other children require one to one focussed learning with a Teacher. Whatever mode of learning suits your child is the type of tutoring you should choose.
  • Why are there only six students in Spelling Workshops and Oral Language Workshops?
    A maximum of six children in a group promotes learning because of the Teacher/Student ratio: -each child has an opportunity to participate in discussions -each child is able to share their thoughts and opinions -each child receives individual help when needed -each child receives detailed feedback -each child is able can fully participate in games and activities
  • Why do I need to enrol my child for a whole term?
    There are many benefits to enrolling for one full term: -learning from one session builds on from the last session -consistency of learning -often children repitition of learning over a number of weeks -you see growth in learning over time -for some children it takes weeks to master certain concepts and skills
  • Can my child be tutored in English and Mathematics in one session?
    No, that isn't possible. A 75 minute session is allocated for either an English or Mathematics focus. There is not enough time to develop and deepen understanding of concepts and skills in both academic subjects. If your child requires tutoring in both English and Mathematics then you will need to book one session for each subject.
  • Is there a waiting room available for parents while my child is tutored?
    Yes. However, 75 minutes may be enough time for you parents to: -shop -go to the gym -enjoy a coffee with a friend -catch up on phone calls and respond to emails
  • What happens if my child is sick and he/she cannot come to a tutoring session?
    There may be any number of reasons your child is unable to attend a tutoring session. Please give 24 hours notice or a cancellation fee will be charged. Have your child attend tutoring as soon as they feel better.
  • Can I cancel my child's tutoring half way through a term?
    Yes, you can. A cancellation fee will be applied and you will receive a refund.
  • Why do you charge a cancellation fee?
    A cancellation fee is applied because: -a replacement student would be difficult to find -if the student is in a small group, the small group doesn't operate effectively with one less child -if the student is in a small group, other parents have paid for small group tutoring and expect groups of three or six -Ashford Education would lose money if there were multiple cancellations
  • Ho do I enrol my child?
    You can: -fill in the Enrolment Form on the website -ring the contact number to organise enrolment -enquire about enrolment on the Contact page and you will receive a phone call
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