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Payment Policy

Specialising in tutoring children with learning differences

Payment Terms and Conditions

Ashford Education requests that all payment policies are followed in order for classes to run according to schedule and minimise disruption.


Ashford Education requires you to pay for your tutoring sessions in advance. You may pay:

  • Termly or every 10 weeks (See Term dates on this website)

  • Half Termly or every 5 weeks


If you enrol during the term, you will pay for the remainder of the sessions prior to commencing tutoring. Alternative payment arrangements will be considered on a case by case basis in this circumstance.

Please note that payments must be made PRIOR to the lessons otherwise they will be cancelled.

Automatic Payment Required


  • An invoice will be issued and finalised prior to the first class. Once you receive your email invoice, just click the “Pay Online” button in the bottom right hand corner and enter your payment information into the popup window that appears.

  • Please choose automatic credit or debit card processing for tutoring payments

  • An email notification will be sent to you once payment has been charged on your card

  • Payments are processed securely and safely through Square, trusted for its secure online payment processors and fraud prevention  


How this Benefits You


Payment in advance is for your convenience.

  • With one upfront payment, you do not have to worry about forgetting to pay for tutoring sessions ever again

  • There is no need to manually pay invoices, saving you much needed time



If you wish to discuss any of these policies or procedures, please feel free to contact Ashford Education.

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