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Cancellation and

Refund Policy

Specialising in tutoring children with learning differences

Cancellations and Refunds Terms and Conditions

  • You may cancel a tutoring session at any time up to 48 hours before the scheduled session without financial penalty

  • If you cancel a tutoring session on the day of, or the day before the tutoring session was scheduled, you will not receive a refund

  • If you fail to arrive for a tutoring session at the scheduled time, you will not receive a refund

  • All efforts will be made to reschedule a missed tutoring session, however, if a suitable arrangement cannot be agreed upon, you will receive a full refund for that session. Please note, repacement lessons must be held during the same term.

Acceptable Reasons for Cancellation

  • Ashford Education cancelling the lesson for any reason

  • The student being sick (as certified by a medical practitioner)

  • The student having an appointment which is important and urgent, and unable to be rescheduled

  • The parent/guardian cancelling with sufficient notice

  • Any other unforeseeable event which impacts on the student’s attendance at the lesson


If you wish to discuss any of these policies or procedures, please feel free to contact Ashford Education.

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