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Privacy Policy

Specialising in tutoring children with learning differences

Privacy  and Security

Ashford Education complies with the Privacy Legislation Acts of the Commonwealth and State Governments of Australia. We value both staff and client privacy and confidentiality, and only uses personal information to improve the service provided. Ashford Education only collects personal information that is required for the service we provide. This information includes contact details, student details, location details, billing and payment details.

Personal Information

Your personal information:

  • Will be kept confidential by Ashford Education

  • May be used in the day to day operations of Ashford Education, especially in the organisation of tutors and students

  • Will not be sold or shared with any third party, including telemarketing and direct mail agencies

  • Will not be disclosed without prior consent from the individual

  • Cannot be viewed on this website by third parties

  • Can be requested by contacting Ashford Education

  • Will be archived or disposed of securely



For more information on your rights and government policy see

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